Hello and welcome to AirReserves!

AirReserves is a small airline management system that allows you to manage your flights, passengers and crew in a secure and convenient manner.

AirReserves provides an all-in-one solution for small and medium size commercial airlines. Its built in APIS manifest creation makes international flight reporting a cinch, and our easy to use flight management system keeps your business organized and efficient.

Features include:
  • Maintenance of a secure crew and passenger database.
  • Creation of a UN/EDIFACT compliant manifest which can be uploaded to the new eAPIS website. eApis only saves your crew information so you have to re-enter all your passengers’ information when you create a flight. AirReserves makes this process easy, by allowing you to add existing passengers to flights in one click.
  • A printout of APIS information for your pilots or agents to check against actual documents.
  • Web based secure system which gives you access from any computer in the world. You don’t need to worry about data backups or software installation. All you need is a web browser and you are ready to use AirReserves.
  • Edit/View permissions that allow you to control who can modify flight information and who can view the schedule. Give your agents the ability to edit and your pilots the ability to view their schedule.
  • Automatic creation of your General Declaration customs document. Just print and submit to your customs agents. It’s that simple!
  • An easy to use interface that makes the daily operations of flight and passenger management very simple and efficient.
  • The ability to color code your different flight types for easier and quicker identification.
  • Our system has been officially approved by the CBP (US Customs and Border Protection agency).